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Rentaroo is a housing portal that collects all available rentals in a single place. More than 16,321 users visit our website every month and this means that your apartment will be rented out to a good tenant in no time. It’s effective, simple, and safe.

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Over 16,321 users

Families with kids, families without kids, couples, sudents and singles. They all use Rentaroo to find a place to live. The massive and diverse user base of our site allows the landlord of any kind of apartment, house or room to find a great tenant.

All apartments in one place

We often get feedback from our happy customers about how easy it is to keep an eye on the market when everything is in one place. Rentaroo makes the market open and easily navigated. Don’t miss out, add your house, apartment or room today.

Fast and safe communication

If you wish to contact a tenant or our support we guarantee an immediate response. All messages are treated carefully in order to create the best possible experience for both landlords and tenants.

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